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409562-10200383202001901-1915407911-n.jpgWelcome to Santa Barbara Gift Baskets! This year we celebrate our 19th anniversary serving the Santa Barbara area with local delivery of our gift baskets, as well as providing nationwide shipping. We offer a wide variety of signature gifts featuring local gourmet foods, wines and handcrafted beers.

I haven't always been in the gift basket business. While I do come from an entrepreneurial family, my background is really in Sales & Marketing. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies in New York City, as well as small to mid-size entertainment firms here on the West Coast. For years, one of my many responsibilities was to order holiday and appreciation gifts for hundreds of high-end clients. It seemed I was always disappointed in the end product or service. So, when I gracefully left my last position as Sales Manager, I turned my $30,000 gift budget and former employer into my first customer. My professional experience allows me to clearly understand the importance of working within any sales budget, meeting deadlines, and how to create gifts that represent my clients brand and message, while also serving as a delicious and memorable gift for their recipients.

Santa Barbara is my hometown, and I am so proud of it! I grew up here on the gorgeous beaches and among the red tile roofs, and am thrilled to be raising my own children on this, the American Riviera. Because Santa Barbara produces some of the worlds best wine, boasts award wining craft breweries, and is home to top gourmet food purveyors, we have access to all the best products to include in our baskets.

We have a strict policy here at Santa Barbara Gift Baskets, if we wouldn't serve it to our own friends and family, we certainly won't send it to yours. Before we approve any new products for our baskets, they are carefully vetted by my book club, mom's group, and other circles of friends who eagerly help me sample and discern what wins a place in our baskets.

So, whether you need 500 welcome baskets for your next annual sales meeting, or one custom basket for your difficult to please new Mother-In-Law, I hope you will contact us and entrust us with your very important gifting needs.


Anne Pazier

(805) 952-9002